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Business woman moving and holding cardboard box - isolatedThe biggest mistake businesses make is trying to do it all on their own. Many websites even recommend you assign the task to your office manager. However, office renovations and moves require specialized knowledge and a significant amount of time and resources, especially if it's not something you do often. 

Call in the experts. 

Markon's team of experts can guide you through the process. We'll give you just the right amount of support, whether you need help managing the design, construction, or move phases. 

Let us make you a hero.

We'll act as an extension of your team to ensure everything goes smoothly—on time and on budget—making you look like the office hero. We'll take care of the design, construction, and move aspects, so you can get back to focusing on your business.

What's keeping you up at night?


We’ve curated a menu of a la carte services to give you just the right amount of support.



Planning & Budgeting

Design Team Selection Support

Space Planning

Drawing Review

General Contractor Selection Support



Permits & Processes

Coordination with Security, IT, etc.

Specialty Contractor Selection

Quality Assurance

Dedicated Team of Experts



Design Team Selection Support

Space Planning

Punch Lists

Occupancy Permits


“[The tenant] said with a smile on his face that he was very surprised at the speed, cleanliness and the outcome of the final product. Thanks for the dedication and hard work with this first tenant. Our approach with this tenant has had very positive results.”

Kevin Sullivan​​, Senior Vice President, Lincoln Property Company​
Ball Aerospace
“There has yet to be a day you did not anticipate a need or want since we've been in the temp space and worked it immediately from snacks to technical issues."
Heather W. Green, Portfolio Manager, Lincoln Property Company
"We're so happy to have you...Looking forward to more leaps and bounds in the next few months."
We do design, construction, and move management, so you can focus on what you do.

Why Markon?


We have a depth of resources at your disposal.

Markon has worked on projects big and small, with all kinds of businesses from property owners and managers, to corporations, non-profits, and more. 

Our expertise ranges from design, to construction, to move expertise and everything in between.


No job is too big or too small.

We've leveraged our expertise for projects as small as renovating a dance studio, to overhauling commercial office buildings over 500,000-sf. 

While we're known for working on the nation's largest classified government projects, commercial businesses have even more to gain from our experience and discretion. 

Success Stories

We have successfully relocated 10,085 people, including the projects listed below.


Born 2 Dance
Design Management
Construction Management
New York Ave
Design Management
Construction Management
Move Management
Colonial Place
Construction Management
Move Management

More than consultants

We take a Goldilocks approach—not too much, not too little—to provide just the right amount of support to meet your needs. 

As a true partner, Markon acts as an extension of your team, so you can stay focused on what you do best. We learn your IT, security, and personnel needs in order to customize our approach to supporting your business.
chess strategy building model

Thinking about relocating your office?

Planning and organization are key to executing an office move seamlessly. 

Download our FREE Office Relocation Checklist to stay organized every step of the way.



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