Our financial experts empower you with the data and peace of mind needed to make informed, strategic decisions.

At the core of our client's success is strategic financial management. Our team of seasoned professionals excels in budget, cost, performance, and value analysis. We seek optimal solutions using tools like earned value management, life cycle cost estimates, and activity-based costing. Our on-site leadership, backed by extensive resources, ensures trust through expert program and project management, enhancing business processes from policy analysis to financial performance reporting. From policy analysis and resource management to cost estimating and financial performance reporting, Markon delivers value.

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Our Capabilities

Cost Estimate & Analysis We provide historical data analyses, future cost estimations, and help you strategically allocate resources to enhance your program's success. Learn More
Budget & Resource Management & Analysis We offer budget formulation, justification, and execution by combining best practices with comprehensive client experience ensure that budget and resource allocation strategies are tailored to your specific needs. Learn More
Business Process Support We help you achieve operational excellence through optimizing business performance, transforming risks into opportunities, and crafting and executing strategies that enhance your organization's value and quality. Learn More
Financial Compliance We help clients analyze and expose potential vulnerabilities associated with compliance risks and establish advanced internal controls that comply with regulatory standards to improve an organization’s fiscal practices. Learn More
Performance Management & Analysis We help clients conduct various strategic analyses to evaluate the operational quality and establish a higher performance standard. Learn More