Training Management

Our experienced, credentialed, and diverse client-centric training professionals offer industry leading instruction at varied scales to ensure our clients have the latest knowledge and tools necessary to remain competitive and capable.

The professional services industry is not immune to the demographic, technological, and cultural changes facing most companies and clients. According to, by the year 2025, 75% of the workforce will be Millennials, requiring elder professionals to upskill their capabilities in order to remain competitive with the younger, often more technologically savvy workforce.
Exponential growth in data analytics and artificial intelligence technologies require all of us to regularly monitor the latest and greatest methods to lean costs and improve efficiencies. And all of us are beginning to recognize the value of empathy, commitment, and community, in addition to constructive feedback. A confident and happier workplace leads to increased production as well as reduced absenteeism and attrition.

The Markon Training Difference

Our training professionals are passionate about high performing organizations and we bring that zeal to every engagement, in every location, and regardless of project scale.

The expertise, trusted employees, and passion for success that we apply in secure environments also make us great partners for the public and private sectors. Our expertise spans from the National Capital Region (NCR) to locations worldwide, with localized commitment for each customer.

Our team holds a suite of credentials and professional designations, including:
  • 250 degrees
  • 340 certifications
  • 84 industry association memberships 

Our sustained employee investment now affords us the opportunity to share our industry best practices, tools, and tricks amongst our clients and colleagues.


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Our Capabilities

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  • LDPx

    Leadership Development Program Exchange™

    Markon’s Leadership Development Program Exchange (LDPx) teaches emerging leaders to plan strategically, grow and enhance client relationships, identify and develop business opportunities, build company culture, develop and manage employees, and understand and manage finance.
  • Agile AEC

    Agile AEC™

    Agile methodology is quickly becoming standard practice in industries beyond IT, including construction management. Agile can be used to manage any project in any industry with the utmost efficiency. We developed an AgileSCRUM training class geared toward Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Management, or Agile AEC, in an effort to support our clients with industry best practices.

Vivid Vision

New call-to-actionThis document serves as a glimpse into the Markon training solution group's future. By creating this vision, we are able to connect today's actions towards tomorrow's goals.It's an overview of what we do, who we are, how we'll look and feel come December 31, 2022. We are deliberately choosing to share this with you to keep us accountable and working towards a common objective. We'd love for you to read it to see where we're headed.


Talent Spotlight

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