Agile methodology is quickly becoming standard practice in industries beyond IT, including construction management. It can be used to manage any project in any industry with the utmost efficiency.

Agile Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (Agile AEC™) embraces and responds quickly to change. New technologies—drones, robotics, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, and nanotechnology—are advancing rapidly
and together will spark a radical transformation in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry. Markon’s Agile Construction Manager's (Agile CM) are leading the integration of these technologies.

Agile AEC™ involves a radically different kind of construction management with a focus on the product as the customer. The role of the Agile CM is to enable self-organizing teams and coordinating work through dynamic linking. Continuous improvement and radical transparency are valued over strict control gates, or “sign-off” of one phase prior to proceeding to the next phase.

Markon provides Agile CM as a service to building owners, real estate developers, and tenants. The AEC team is assembled early in the development phase for new building projects, or the planning phase for interior build-outs and renovations. Markon’s Agile CM Product Owners take the place of the traditional Owner’s Representative or Tenant Representative, and are responsible for maximizing the value of the product and the work of the AEC Team.

Agile AEC™ training is offered to construction industry professionals. Markon provides training on Agile, Scrum, and Kanban practices and how to apply these theories to design, construction, occupancy, and operation to keep pace with the speed of technology.

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