What sets us apart?

Markon’s leaders are driven by a persistent passion for success, the opportunity to make a significant impact, and the desire to be a trusted partner over time. As a result, Markon has developed an impressive past performance portfolio and consistent repeat clients.

Facilities Facilities Whatever the scope of your project – new construction, renovation, relocation, or early planning and feasibility assessments – Markon’s facilities professionals can guide you through the process. Learn More
Security Security Every day, security challenges increase in volume and complexity. Our security consultants develop and implement plans to protect your information, assets, people, and reputation. Learn More
Finance Finance Our financial management experts provide cost analyses, budget management, and financial compliance support to give you the data (and peace of mind) you need to make strategic decisions. Learn More
Acquisition Acquisition Our experienced acquisition professionals offer advisory and management support for acquisition planning, procurement operations, contract management, and procurement policy and compliance. Learn More
Training Training Markon’s training programs developed organically from the services we were already providing to clients. We invite you to explore our training capabilities and contact us to learn more. Learn More
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  • Leadership Lessons from Jim the Glazier

    Leadership Lessons from Jim the Glazier

    Have you ever noticed how people want to work for and please people that they feel comfortable with? I am a fairly outgoing person. I make a point of greeting people, smiling, and having eye contact, even with strangers. My cousin Jim puts me to.
  • Markon Solutions Launches an LGBTQ Employee Resource Group

    Markon Solutions Launches an LGBTQ Employee Resource Group

    At Markon, the purpose of our Employee Resource Group program is to enhance and promote the diverse makeup of our employees.  "prism and marble"by hans s is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0 Each of Markon's Employee Resource Groups (ERG), such as the.
  • Mental Health, Self-Reporting, and Your Security Clearance

    Mental Health, Self-Reporting, and Your Security Clearance

    For week 5 of Mental Health Awareness Month, we’re focused on breaking the stigma of Mental Health as it relates to Self-Reporting and your Security Clearance. You can also catch up on our previous Mental Health Awareness Month posts here: May is.