Markon’s leadership team consists of a diverse group of talented individuals. We value the differences in opinion this brings, as it makes Markon a better company and a great place to work.

Allen Chang-1 Allen Chang Director Read Bio
Allen LeMessurier-1 Allen LeMessurier Director Read Bio
Brenda-Metzger-Headshot Brenda Metzger Senior Director, Innovation Read Bio
Bryan-Doss-Headshot-2022 Bryan Doss Vice President Read Bio
Brian Doerr-1 Brian Doerr Director Read Bio
1. Pinwheel-1 Cathy Clements Director Read Bio
Chris-Belmont-Headshot Chris Belmont Director Read Bio
Chris Mercer-1 Chris Mercer Director Read Bio
IMG_3166 Christian Nasner Director Read Bio
Chris Stevenson-1 Chris Stevenson Director Read Bio
Dan Deakin Headshot Dan Deakin Director Read Bio
Dan-Jackson-Headshot Daniel Jackson Senior Director, Strategic Growth Read Bio
David Morrison Dave Morrison Senior Vice President Read Bio
David Baldini David Baldini Senior Vice President Read Bio
Drew Thompson Drew Thompson Vice President Read Bio
Emily-Porter-Headshot Emily Porter Director, Contracts Read Bio
Eric Hammerschmidt Eric Hammerschmidt Senior Vice President Read Bio
Eric-Sterud-Headshot Eric Sterud Senior Director Read Bio
George-Kerns-Headshot George Kerns Director Read Bio
Glenn-Richardson-Headshot-2022 Glenn Richardson Technical Director Read Bio
Ivan-Burkett-Headshot-2022 Ivan Burkett Director, IC Portfolio Read Bio
Jason Fisher Jason Fisher Director Read Bio
jennifer-holcomb Jennifer Holcomb Vice President Read Bio
Joel Timmins Joel Timmins Senior Director Read Bio
Joey Harrington Headshot Joey Harrington Director Read Bio
Logo-Pinwheel-only John Murphy Director Read Bio
Juliana Lee Headshot 2 Juliana Lee Director Read Bio
Kevin-Bayliss-Headshot Kevin Bayliss Director, Intelligence Portfolio Read Bio
Krissy Goff (Grey)-1 Kristin “Krissy” Goff Executive VP of Corporate Operations Read Bio
Leigh-Valudes-Headshot2 Leigh Valudes Vice President Read Bio
Marc Gravallese Marc Gravallese Senior Director, Management (West) Read Bio
Matthew Dean Matthew Dean Chief Operating Officer Read Bio
Matt Slingwine Matt Slingwine Senior Vice President Read Bio
Michelle Obata-1 Michelle Obata Director Read Bio
Nicholas Hellman Nicholas Hellman Vice President Read Bio
Ray Carney, Jr. Ray Carney, Jr. Chief Delivery Officer, Federal Government Read Bio
Robert-Barbrow-Headshot2 Robert Barbrow Director, IT Read Bio
Ron-Shively-Headshot Ronald Shively Director Read Bio
Ryan-Wing-Headshot Ryan Wing Director Read Bio
Sally Davis Sally Davis Director Read Bio
Logo-Pinwheel-only Sanjay Arora Director Read Bio
Sara Haines Wittmer Sara Haines Wittmer Senior Director Read Bio
Sherif-Wahby-Headshot Sherif Wahby SVP, Talent Acquisition Read Bio
Steve-Genn-Headshot2 Steve Genn Senior Vice President Read Bio
Tuan Bui-1 Tuan Bui Director Read Bio
Virginia-Dyson-Headshot2 Virginia "Ginny" Dyson Director Read Bio