BrandProtect™ is comprehensive security strategy in protection of the brand. The tool assesses your current security organization on five spectrums, provides a gap analysis, then builds a strategy to focus on weakest links first.

BrandProtect (2)As the world becomes more connected, security challenges are increasing in volume and complexity. Organizations are faced with the reality that what was done yesterday is no longer good enough to protect their information, assets, people, and reputation.

Protecting the organization results in more than protecting people and property, it protects the overall brand. Good security accomplishes this through effective physical and cyber security, the implementation of standards, and process of continuous improvement.

BrandProtect™ is a process Markon security subject matter experts utilize to quickly assess potential gaps in your protection system. BrandProtect™ provides you a high-level look at the organization and identifies the greatest gaps in your security. Addressing a small number of large gaps often results in a much stronger and resilient organization.


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