Trusted Security Advisor

When you’re in the highest levels of an organization, you have a responsibility to protect the company—whether that’s through policies, procedures, or program development.

As the world becomes more connected, security challenges are increasing in volume and complexity. Organizations are faced with the reality that what was done yesterday is no longer good enough to protect their information, assets, people, and reputation.

Our Trusted Security Advisor program focuses on developing long-lasting trust relationships with our clients. Our advisors become a crucial member of the teams they support. Typically, we advise to the C-suite or at the highest levels of the organization. This program aligns with our storied history as an owner’s representative – we always work toward the owner’s best interest.

As trusted advisors, we do not represent any particular product. Being product agnostic allows us to focus on requirements and, ultimately, the best solution for our customer.

Our experts provide:

  • Owner’s Representative

  • Supply Chain Protection

  • Project Management

  • Program Development

  • Standards, Policies, and Procedures

  • High Risk Environment Projects

  • Risk Management

  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control

  • BrandProtectTM

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