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    October 1, 2020

    Emerging Technology Office: Innovation Management and Integration

    As prime contractor, Markon supports one of the Intelligence Community’s premier innovation offices for emerging technology.

    The program operates under the auspices of the customer’s CIO. It is responsible for identifying and rapidly acquiring technologies that are determined to impact mission and organization customers significantly.

    Markon helped stand up the Digital Innovation Program in 2016 by aligning strategic plans to mission goals, managing resources, developing the challenge process, and introducing human-centered design principles.

    Markon continues supporting the 30-person program across their DC Metro Area and Silicon Valley offices. Markon recently enhanced the program’s technology research and industry engagement process and supports the development of an innovative venture fund.

    Additional services:

    • Discovery: Create Mission Canvas; Develop Root Cause Problems; Provide Benchmarking and Stakeholder Mapping; Tech Scouting; Technology/Product Analysis; Custom Industry Research and Market Maps
    • Ideate: Implement Human Centered Design; Host Industry Events; Translate Mission Use Cases
    • Project Management: Manage Portfolio; Lead Prioritization/Tracking Exercises; Utilize Agile Scrum and Lean Startup
    • Non-traditional Partners/Acquisition: Create Non-traditional Partner Vehicles; Mitigate Security Concerns; Support Non-traditional Acquisition Agreements
    • Development: Testing; Managed Application Development; Commercial Software Integration
    • Deployment: Provide Communication/Branding Support; Manage Budget and Contracts; Develop Lessons Learned
    • Measure: Calculate ROI; Conduct Cost/Benefit Analysis; Provide Program Justification

    Markon Team Member

    Markon is a national consulting firm with a federal government focus, specializing in enterprise technology, financial, and program and construction management for the intelligence community and civilian, and defense agencies.

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