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    July 11, 2017

    How To Remain Active In A Stagnant Workplace (WELL Feature #71)

    Your desk is your friend. It holds your trusted computer, that jelly-filled donut that represents your breakfast, and your obesity.

    Stressed businesswoman sitting at her desk in the officeThe cushion seat that you plop into every day and push forward towards your desk could be causing you unnecessary health hazards. To promote a healthy and active workplace environment, you need to get up and away from that desk.

    With deadlines due and emails to check, it can be tough to do anything else but sit at your desk all day. However, having the ability to stand and move while working is ideal when thinking of your health. One way to do this is by using a TerraMat.

    The TerraMat is a new design that is meant to keep you standing comfortably for long periods. It is ideal for individuals who have traditional desk jobs and rarely get the chance to get up and move around. Coupled with a standing desk, the TerraMat is a great item to take away the fatigue that is known to follow with sitting all day. It also can give your feet a quick massage, giving relief to those aching feet muscles.

    Do you wish you could exercise while you are at work? The TerraMat makes this possible by allowing you to utilize the mat for stretches. Yoga gives wonderful benefits to your overall health. This mat allows for yoga poses to strengthen and stretch your muscles. It’s ok if you only have five minutes or so to spare. You’ll notice a difference in five-minute daily exercise intervals throughout your workday.

    It is vital to keep your body active, even while you are a work. Maintaining movement at your desk is not impossible anymore. You can work and have a little play by incorporating active furnishings into your workplace furniture.

    Be WELL!

    Ray Carney

    Ray serves as Chief Executive Officer at Markon. His experience includes providing leadership, program management, organizational strategy, design thinking, data centers, and the creation of secure environments. Ray holds an MBA from University of Notre Dame and a BS in Business Administration from John Carroll...

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