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    May 10, 2024

    Markon’s Open House: Celebrating Dedication to What Matters

    Markon, a management consulting and professional services firm dedicated to advancing government missions, recently hosted an Open House event that exemplified our commitment to excellence and dedication. On Friday, April 26th, from 1 to 5 PM, we welcomed nearly 150 individuals, including internal teammates and external guests, to witness our transformation firsthand.

    A44A6836The centerpiece of our Open House was the unveiling of the newly refreshed office space, meticulously redesigned to embody the vibrant essence of Markon’s new brand identity. Adorned with hues of Electric Poppy Red, Steadfast Sapphire Blue, Secure Serenity Blue, Mission-Centric Maroon, Accomplished Amber Gold, and Deeply Devoted Indigo, the office radiates with a dynamic color palette. Renamed conference rooms echo Markon's core values and brand pillars, offering constant reminders of our commitment to performance, growth, teamwork, respect, and humble leadership.

    Upon arrival, guests were greeted by the striking new logo adorning the office and building, symbolizing Markon’s unwavering dedication to its clients, nation, team members, and local communities. The logo, resembling a waving flag, subtly underscores our mission focus and support of federal agencies and national security while also evoking strength and forward momentum.

    The Open House festivities commenced with a delightful array of catered gourmet bites and a selection of beer, wine, and soft drinks. However, the highlight was the inclusion of freshly made ice cream, prepared that morning by CEO Raymond Carney, using our in-house commercial-grade soft serve machine. Attendees received fun Markon-branded tote bags, sunglasses, and American flag-shaped stress ball keychains as tokens of appreciation. 

    A44A6626Throughout the Open House, guests engaged with various teams and learned about Markon's diverse capabilities and work. From Contracts and Talent Acquisition to our Systems Engineering, Finance, and Management practices, each team showcased Markon's revitalized energy and unwavering commitment to excellence.

    The Contracts team introduced attendees to Markon's partner program, fostering mutually beneficial business opportunities and promoting small business participation. Meanwhile, the Talent Acquisition team connected with potential recruits, offering insights into Markon’s award-winning culture and available positions. “The Open House was a great opportunity for our current candidates and employees to connect with our program leadership and explore the future of Markon,” reflected Senior Recruiter Colin Smith. “In fact, we generated two more offers to candidates who attended!”

    The Systems Engineering, Finance, and Management business lines collectively aimed to educate guests about Markon’s extensive expertise and past performances, forging new connections and celebrating the company’s legacy and evolution.

    A44A6716A standout feature of the event was the opportunity for guests to update their professional profiles with new headshots, expertly captured on-site by a professional photographer, while an interactive scavenger hunt added an element of fun and exploration to the event. As visitors toured the office and learned about the new Markon, they could complete the hunt for a chance to win one of eight exciting gift baskets while networking with our team.

    Markon’s Open House was more than just an event; it was a testament to our deeply engaged approach to serving its clients, community, and employees. Through vibrant surroundings, engaging activities, and meaningful interactions, Markon showcased our commitment to excellence and our relentless pursuit of advancing federal missions.

    As the event drew to a close, it was evident that Markon’s dedication to what matters resonates not only in its brand identity but also in every aspect of its culture and operations.

    Learn more about joining our energized and dedicated team by visiting 

    Julie Stubbs

    Julie brings over a decade of experience in the events industry with her to Markon. As a seasoned event planner, she has orchestrated a wide range of successful events from corporate conventions to intimate gatherings. She holds a BS in Tourism and Events Management from George Mason University.

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