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    June 1, 2020

    Financial and Acquisition Management for Complex Organizations

    We work with a multitude of customers within one large, diverse organization procuring everything from pencils to complex, highly sensitive systems. Markon provides extensive procurement planning, contract performance analysis and management, and financial/general consulting support, as needed.

    Procurement planning and reporting

    Markon creates and executes spend plans, provides strategic resource guidance, and supports the office portfolio process. Our team coordinates, reviews, and monitors annual spend plans, monitors execution rates, and responds to actions related to the annual program build and Congressional Budget Justification including investment and reduction proposals, performance reviews, and unfunded information. Markon is responsible for taking the lead on all portfolio-related actions for our customers during the portfolio-build process, ensuring each office’s submission accurately maps to the budget.

    Contract management and analysis

    We support the development and implementation of internal contract management tools and utilize these tools for reporting and analysis of large, enterprise contracts. We help our customers monitor spend rates and analyze and provide recommendations in the areas of unpaid invoices, open commitments, and unliquidated obligations. We coordinate and lead customer training sessions, demonstrating reports and functionality to COTRs and Government Task Managers throughout the organization.

    Customer account management and service level agreements

    Markon provides customer account management (CAM) in support of customer abstracts, service level agreements (SLAs), and customer service requests (CSRs). CAM includes:

    • Customer outreach and support encompassing cradle-to-grave creation, management, and closure of abstracts, SLAs, and CSRs in coordination with customers, the Business Management Office, and the Customer Management Team

    • Quality assurance
    • Estimates
    • Tracking and reporting the status of SLAs, amendments, close-outs, project milestones, and staffing
    • Recommending and implementing process improvements
    • Providing consulting, planning support, and problem resolution
    • Creating CSRs 
    • Capturing, analyzing, and reporting customer service and support metrics and statistics. 

    Markon also publishes and maintains SLA Management Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

    Related financial management support 

    • Volume and price breakeven sensitivity analysis in support of portfolio management processes

    • Benchmark and assessment of current cost and contracts including other industrial and independent contract providers

    • Analyses of various pricing and costing scenarios
    • Sensitivity analyses on relevant variables to determine variances

    Markon also designs, develops, implements, and maintains cost-recovery operations for our customers. This includes the design, development, and maintenance of service descriptions, cost and pricing models, billing policies, and cost recovery processes. Markon leads activity-based costing (ABC) cost and pricing workshops by developing materials, facilitating meetings, and generating pricing and estimates. 

    Markon Team Member

    Markon is a national consulting firm with a federal government focus, specializing in enterprise technology, financial, and program and construction management for the intelligence community and civilian, and defense agencies.

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