Financial Management

Our financial management experts provide cost analyses, budget management, and financial compliance support to give you the data (and peace of mind) you need to make strategic decisions.

Our clients’ success hinges on smart financial management that includes accurate and meaningful analysis of budget, cost, performance, and value. Markon delivers talented professionals who understand the procedures and industry standards of strong financial and business management.

We provide consultants who find the best solutions for our clients by using management tools such as earned value management, life cycle cost estimates, and activity-based costing. We apply techniques and metrics that demonstrate how effectively and efficiently resources are used and whether they are producing the desired results.

Our experts provide on-site leadership that is decisive yet flexible, supported by Markon’s organization-wide resources and experience. We have earned our client’s ongoing trust by combining our ability to manage programs and projects with the vision to modernize and improve business processes. From policy analysis and resource management to cost estimating and financial performance reporting, Markon delivers value.

Contact Dave Morrison, Director, to learn more about our financial management services.

Our Capabilities

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