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    May 14, 2019

    2019 National Day of Rebuilding

    rebuilding 2On Saturday, April 27th, Markon had about 20 volunteers come out to NE DC to help the Jackson family and their home!

    This early 1900s home had seen water damage from the roof and around the foundation. Rebuilding Together repaired the roof and routed the gutters away from the foundation, but we had ample work to do.

    Our Yard Work Committee, led by Robert Navaraez, Vincent Bruce, Julie Swiatek, and Juliana Lee, made a stunning difference by pulling weeds, re-setting bricks, and digging trenches to hide gutter extensions that run through the yard. Their toil changed the look of the exterior of the home incredibly!

    Teams tackled the kitchen, bath, living, and family rooms inside. They patched damaged walls, scraped and sanded bubbled paint, replaced doors, and changed the look entirely with primer and fresh paint!

    These spaces were tackled by Steve Genn, Mitchell Vasquez, Glenn Richardson, Rachel Hannigan, Rachel's boyfriend, Andrew, Nabil Osta, Chirine Dhehibi, Charlotte Daum, Chris Gorman, Ginny Dyson, and Michelle Gettle.

    While Joe Becker began patching every drywall hole he could find in the house, Danny Kerns began removing the moldy insulation that filled the attic, filling trash bag after trash bag. Danny uncovered decades-old photos and documents, which he shared with the homeowner in a sweet, made-for-tv moment.

    Keith Beasley and Juliana's husband, Logan, donned dust masks and gloves and fed all 53 bags of new insulation into a blower for hours while Scott crouched in the attic, ensuring even coverage. By the time we left, they had more than tripled the R-value of the attic – just think what a difference this will be for the Jacksons!

    Mrs. Phronie Jackson was a joy, thanking Markon Cares and all our incredible volunteers as she put on her gloves and got shoulder-to-shoulder with us to take her home from water damage. It was an incredibly rewarding day and could not have been more appreciated!

    Juliana Lee, CSM®

    Juliana brings over 15 years of marketing, communications, and design experience to Markon. She leads marketing and communications in addition to supporting a variety of corporate initiatives. She holds a MA in Communication from the University of Maryland.

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